Website Tips

When you design a website there’s a lot to consider. Remember, you are trying to attract people to your business. And despite what some will tell you it isn’t rocket science. There’s just a few things you should keep in ...
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Search Engine Optimization - Magnifying Glass

21 Essential SEO Tips & Techniques

1. Commit yourself to the process. SEO isn’t a one-time event. Search engine algorithms change regularly, so the tactics that worked last year may not work this year. SEO requires a long-term outlook and commitment. 2. Be patient. SEO isn’t ...
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10 Rules for Email Marketing

1. Keep It Relevant It is imperative that you get to know your subscribers and tailor your messages to their individual needs. Irrelevant and therefore unwanted emails will damage your reputation, reduce open rates, and potentially drive recipients to unsubscribe ...
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Digital Privacy

The concept of digital privacy can best be described as the protection of the information of private citizens who use digital mediums. However, when people speak about digital privacy, they often are referring to it in terms of its relation ...
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11 Reasons To Start a Blog

1. To Express Your Thoughts and Opinions You have something to say, and blogs provide a place to say it and be heard. 2. To Market or Promote Something Blogging is a great way to help market or promote yourself ...
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